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Sealing and Resealing Coloured Concrete

With time the decorative finishing or the colour can start eroding or fading off. And that is when coloured concrete sealing really comes in handy. This is one technique where the old concrete is rejuvenated and given a facelift in its literal sense.

The material used in coloured concrete sealing is hard-wearing and any surface looks really improved after the sealing is done. The sealer coating helps protect the surface from everyday wear and tear, exposure, dirt, and grime and creates a barrier of sorts.

And yes, the sealer too would need a fresh coat or a resealing work done and this is also a service that Rogan Concrete Services offers.

What does concrete sealing or resealing really help do?

  • It greatly augments the overall appearance of the surface wherever it is done. The decorative concreting or any type of concreting is protected from the vagaries of the Australian weather
  • Dirt, grime and oils and dust does not get to the concreting surface as the sealing acts as a good barrier
  • The concreted surface can be cleaned and washed with ease
  • The pores in the concrete is sealed well so that it isn’t easily damaged
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