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Footpath Concrete Brisbane

Have you heard about concrete footing? Do you want to go in for new patio concrete or footpath concrete around your commercial building in Brisbane? Then for all this and more in the concrete world, touch base with Rogan Concrete Services.

Concrete footing is a very constituent of foundations construction. The purpose of footing is to give added support to the foundations and to prevent the soil from settling. In areas where the soil is loose and not firm, the concrete footing comes in very handy.

Since the pathways and patio are in the outdoors, it is prudent to go in for concreting rather than laying any decorative stones, or brick paving. When concrete is part of the patio or footpath, it is a whole lot easier to manage and maintain and it is long-lasting too.

So, if you want patio or footpath concrete laying, or if you want anything else related to concrete and concreting services in Brisbane, just give us a call.

Thanks to us, you have gotten new patio concrete laid in your Brisbane place. Now you also need some pathways and footpath concrete to be laid. For all this and more, speak to the experts at Rogan Concrete Services, call us on our number 040 187 6705, or write to us at

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