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Spray Paving Brisbane

In simple terms or in layman’s language, spray paving is in a way spraying a concrete-based material on to already existing and laid concrete surface. The spray concrete-based product is a combination or a formulation of cement, sand, lime, catalyst, and aggregate.

But the applying spray paving doesn’t happen instantly or the fact is it requires the knowhow and planning and it eventually happens over different stages.

But before spray paving is carried out, the existing concrete condition is checked, if it is in need of repairs or revamp or if it shows any cracks and if there is already an existing design or pattern and what type of colours are already present.

After all this is checked, then an intense round of high pressure cleaning and other preparatiosn are in place before finally resorting to spray paving.

All in all, spray paving adds to the look of the surface and wherever it is added, it definitely augments that place.

And Rogan Concrete Services specialises in this.

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