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Wet Stencil Concrete Brisbane

Having heard and seen the positive effects of what stencil concrete does for your house or commercial space in Brisbane, you are more than interested in going for wet stencil concrete laying and for this, when you are looking for experts, you come across us, Rogan Concrete Services.

Now you may not really be in the know or you may know something about stenciled concrete and what its advantages are and so on and so forth.

We at Rogan Concrete Services believe that stencil concreting serves as another good option for stamped concreting. Incidentally, you can lay a layer of stencil concrete right over existing concrete and there are no issues with that whatsoever.

Wet stencil concrete laying is enabled with the help of using a stencil which comes in a range of designs and once it has been laid and the techniques are followed, the result is fabulous and the look of your residence or place in Brisbane is enhanced.

Wet stencilled concreting is literally a good move and it is said to be a good return on investment. And why you may ask? Not merely for its looks, but it lasts long and it worth spending money on too. If you have any questions regarding the wet stencil concreting you have planned for your Brisbane place, speak to Rogan Concrete Services on our number 040 187 6705 or write to us at

Rogan Concrete Services offers concrete stencilling service too. And this is a good alternative to stamped concreting. It can be done on already existing concrete or it can also be done on recently placed concrete too that has been covered.

How this is done is that a paper stencil that is disposable in nature is placed on the concrete to leave the design impression and then a stencil roller is run on it so as to leave the design impression on the concrete. Interestingly, in the stencilling technique, many different designs can be laid at the same time.

It comes with plenty of advantages as in there is good ROI; it is fast, durable and cost-effective too. The finishing is a lot more detailed and larger areas can be covered at one go.

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